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Art and Nostalgia

Humans are perhaps the only species on the planet that invest their time, money, and energy is making and enjoying art. Art is the most voluntary aspect of human life.

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The Royal Indian Pashtush's Pashmina Shawls, Stoles, Cashmere Mufflers trend has seen strong growth in the past years, with celebrities pairing them with outfits to make a fashion statement. What first started as an attempt to keep out the cold has quickly become symbol of style and opulence.Watch out this space for celebs making the most out of the luxurious richest of the natural fibres. 

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How to Wash Shawls

Understanding care for Shawls At Pashtush India we use the finest of wool to make your shawls. Wool is a delicate natural fibre. Its precious grace lends it a luxurious fall and smooth rich texture. In order to maintain this elegance Pashtush recommendeds that you follow these care instructions on how to wash shawls.

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