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Rendevous With Traditional Arts

Pashtush collectons are carefully curated keeping in mind the rich traditional heritage of Indian Arts. Each piece is meticulously designed to alchemise tradition in a way that it finds a well deserved place in any modern wardrobe.

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"The Surrender of Tipu Sultan"

History of Shawls

The most interesting painting to come out of early British India. More than five Embroidered Kashmiri Shawls can be clearly seen here draped around important men.
Shawls were customary to Indian Royalties and often designed to depict rank and authority.

History of Shawls

"After The Ball"

A painitng by Alfred Stevens with a glimpse of the life of fashionable Parisian women. Meticulous attention to contemporary shawl and decor elicited analogies to seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish art.

Shawls often found themselves in trousseau of wealthy European women. They were treasured gifts exchanged between royalties.

History of Shawls

"Openwork shawl"

Recovered from Thebes, Deir el-Bahri complex during excavations between 1923–24, This Shawl was found buried in a priests' House, near a Roman burial labelled XXIV.


History of Shawls

"Linen Mark"

This piece of linen was cut from a fringed shawl, one of the many layers of material used to wrap the mummy of Nany. The inscription, which would probably have identified either the linen's owner, its origin, or its quality, was added to the corner in black ink. The ink has eaten through the fabric and the inscription is no longer legible.

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