How to Wash Pashtush Shawls ?

Pashtush Shawls Washing Guidelines - care

How to Wash Shawls

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Dry Cleaning

We recommend that you take your Pashtush woolen shawl to a professional dry cleaner for laundering.


Even though your Pashtush shawl does not require ironing, as it has been pre finished and pressed. it is recommended that you always use steam when pressing wool. Set your iron on the wool setting and avoid ironing your Shawl when it is completely dry.

Washing at Home

If you are unable to have access to a professional dry cleaner then it is recommended that you Gently hand wash your shawl in water, using a mild soap or detergent.

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If wool gets wet, the best way to dry is at room temperature, away from any direct sunlight.

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Breathing and Refreshing

Unpacking and hanging in a steamy bathroom can refresh your Pashtush Shawl. Moisture from the steam has properties that will ease wrinkles. The brilliant quality wool used in Pashtush will breathe the fresh air and be ready to be worn.

Pashtush Shawls Long Term Storage
Long-Term Storage.

Since food stains and body oils attract moths, you should ensure that your shawl is clean before packing it away in airtight bag or containers. Ideally it is recommended to use a moth repellent but do not place it directly on the fabric.