Pashtush Womens Fine Wool Shawl, Soft Salmon Pink

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$89.99 $39.99
Country of Origin : India

Product Details

  • Luxury Ultra Fine Wool , Very Light weight and warm. Brilliant Colours and Extremely neat Craftsmanship. Wrap-up this season in a Shawl and feel the luxury and elegance of this precious natural fibre
  • Soft and warm, ultra light. Made in the finest of wool found in the higher mountainous regions.
  • Elegant and Luxurious Fall, Drapes naturally and a very rich texture. Perfect for both Casual as well as Formal Occasions. Experience the luxury of draping.
  • Experience the magic of natural breathable wool.
  • Size 100 x 200 cm. Dry Clean Wash Only


Soft and natural wool shawl, Finely blended Wool, which lends it a very soft smooth structure. The fabric is Light weight and woven in a patterned weave that resonates the rich designs from mughal era. Made in the finest count of Wool found in the upper cold regions of mountains. This natural breathable wool gives a very sophisticated and subtle look. The hand feel is extremely soft and natural. Enjoy the luxury and grace of this precious natural fibre in over two metres of woven masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you ship to my country ?
    The most likely answer is YES. Pashtush India has tie-ups with FedEX and DHL. As long as your country is serviceable with these courier company, we can ship to you directly.
  • How long does shipping take?
    Most orders are shipped within 1 working day.
    Indian and British customers should expect to receive your product within 2 to 6 business days.
    Shipping internationally takes 4 to 10 business days.
  • Can you ship faster ?
    Yes, express shipping is available for all orders.

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