Pashtush Womens, Pure Wool, Printed Mughal Darbar Shawl, Woolmark Certified.

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Country of Origin : India

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Signature Limited edition piece by Pashtush India. Reminiscent of the rich cultural heritage.

"Darbar" which literally translates to "Royal Court" is commonly referred to a ceremonial and important gathering, ordained by royalty. Mughal Darbars were famous for their ostentatious ornamentation, architecture and the sheer display of pomp and glory. Darbar shawls were commissioned by the Indian Kings in the hundreds, and were often gifted to foreign visitors, and ambassadors to the mughal courts as royal gifts. These shawls contained scenes from the the mughal courts and often fashioned the Emperor on an elevated throne, seated amongst his subjects.

Pashtush Darbar Shawl collection is an ode to this tradition. Woven in 100% pure wool and printed in vibrant deep hues. This colourful shawl is sure to add an everlasting touch of charm and allure to your outfit.

This Pashtush shawl comes with a Woolmark certificate for authenticity.

Size 100 x 200 cm

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